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Kastle's Kreations

Cupcakes built to perfection!

Winners of Season 9!!!

"Aquarium of the Pacific"

About Me

My name is Kastle Sorensen and I was born and raised in Alaska. When I was younger I had dreams of becoming a doctor and then that dream turned into becoming a Spanish Teacher. I went to college and received both my Bachelors and Masters degree in Spanish Education. Spanish jobs in Alaska are rare to find. I tried out different jobs such as being a waitress and bank teller. I had fun and was good at my job but I didnt love it like my fellow co-workers. I could not see myself working at a financial institution the rest of my life. My family always encouraged me to go after my dreams and to do whatever makes me happy. So I quit my job in November of 2010 and had hopes of owning my own bakery someday. When I realized how popular cupcakes were, I decided my goal was to have my own cupcake shop.

About Kastle's Kreations

I love to bake and see people's expressions when they try something I have created. I began watching cupcake wars in the Fall of 2009 and became intrigued and excited about cupcakes. One day, I decided to make cupcakes for a fundraiser chili cook off at a church. Everyone was amazed at how good the cupcakes were. Soon after, I received a call about ordering some more of those delicious cupcakes. I started to make new flavors and pass out samplers for free to see what people thought of the cupcakes. The orders were coming in left and right. I went through 10 lbs of powdered sugar in 1 week!!! It was soon after I decided to get serious about this cupcake business and get business cards, flyers and packaging supplies for cupcakes! So here I am now...cupcakes, cakes, cake pops and pb pies available for any special event - birthdays, baby & wedding showers, weddings, office parties, open houses and more!

Meet the Kastle's Kreations team!

Assistant - Amy Grue

I met Amy in 2013. She was selling her business, Cakes in Love. She had a buyer who wanted her clientele and name but not her storefront space. She knew I was in the process of building a kitchen and wanted to know if I was interested in buying her location. I had decided I didn't want a storefront and didn't take her up on her offer. Later, she started coming to my truck with her 3 little girls and we started talking. One day I said to her, "If I ever try out for Cupcake Wars again I want you to come with me!" Amy and I are the perfect team because she had the design background and I knew how to bake really yummy delicious cupcakes. So the time came for Season 9 auditions! We sent in an email with our info, they wrote back asking for an audition tape and we quickly put one together! A few weeks later they called us saying they wanted us to come on Cupcake Wars!!! We were super excited and worked really hard to prepare as much as we could for what was about to come our way! Long story short, we WON cupcake wars!!! Amy continues to work with me and we now offer not only customizable cupcakes but we are also now creating cakes for any occasion!

Amy is the mother of 5 kids! She has 4 girls and finally just had a little boy named Ryker!

Best Cupcake Delivery Person - My Padre (Dad)

My dad is a big part of how I was able to even start my business. Although he thought I was crazy to start a cupcake business, he still believed in me! After 6 months of running my business, he saw the potential I saw and worked with me to get my cupcake truck built!He still continues to help with the business by helping with Costco shopping, pick up's and deliveries in Anchorage. He helps me set up for big Corporate events as well.I couldn't have got to where I am at today without his financial support!

Eagle River - Feb 13th - Chevron Station 3-7pm

Anchorage - Feb 14th - Tikathnu lot over by Olive Garden - 11am-4pm

3. Pre-orders who do not show up & without calling will not be refunded their money. In case of an emergency or for some reason you can not make it to pick up your order by the cut off time, please call me at 907-726-1118 to cancel your order & I can refund your money or make arrangements for you to pick up your order later.

When clicking on the different items for paying, for example you ordered 8 cupcakes - click on the 1/2 doz & 2 cupcakes to be added to your cart.The discounts are on the 1/2 doz, 1 doz, and 2 dozen increments.

4. List cupcake flavors on the last page of the online payment form (review & submit page) in the notes to seller section.

Cupcake Flavors (in case hard to read on picture below)

Red Velvet (Mi Amor)

Lemon Burst (Sunshine of my Life)

Vanilla Birthday (Sweetheart)

Chocolate PB (Buttercup)

Chocolate Strawberry (Be Mine)

White Chocolate Chip (Hugs n' Kisses)

Tuxedo - milk & white chocolate (Hunk of Burning Love)

Banana Cream Pie (Banana's for you)

Chocolate Mouse Parfait (Heart Throb)

Snickers Cheesecake (Snookums)

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (Smackaroo)

Strawberry Cheesecake (Sweet Thang)