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Kastle's Kreations

Cupcakes built to perfection!

Winners of Season 9!!!

"Aquarium of the Pacific"


Do you deliver?

Yes, but there is a fee based on your location. Pick up is free in Eagle River or at 600 Barrow Street in Anchorage.

Do you have a stand that can be rented for parties?

Yes. There is a $200.00 deposit required for the rental. When the tier is returned in the same condition as received, you will receive $150.00 back, which means it cost $50.00 for the tier rental.

Will you deliver, set up tier and cupcakes at my event?

Yes, but there is an additional fee. Whatever your total bill is between cupcakes and tier rental, 20% of that total will be added to your final total. Only 15% additional fee to those in Eagle River.

               example: If your total bill is $200 for cupcakes and tier rental, $40 will be added for delivery and set up

If I am doing a big order, how many flavors can I choose?

You can have as many flavors as you would like as long as flavors are chosen in 2 dozen increments for regular size and 5 dozen increments for mini size. Mini size cupcake platters can be made where you pick the all the same base cake (such as chocolate) and pick 5 different flavors for the frosting and toppings (such as strawberry, snickers, mint, etc...)

Can you do themed decorations on my cupcakes for my birthday or event?

Yes. There is an extra fee for special decorations and just depends on the price of decorations. You can email or call me and let me know what theme you would like. I can look into different options and get back to you about the extra cost.

How much notice do you need for an order?

2 week minimum

Do you ship?

No, unfortunately I do not. I have not figured out a good way to ship cupcakes without them showing up a mess. It is also very expensive to ship because it would have to go overnight. Check back later in the future.

What type of events do you do cupcakes for?

I can do cupcakes for any event - birthdays, weddings, office parties, baby & wedding showers, etc.